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Who Casts Broadway Shows? And More Casting Questions Answered!

Learn more about The Telsey Office, Tara Rubin Casting, Binder Casting and more! Always good to know who the players are and keep up to date records on them and the kinds of projects they do.

Broadway Times Square

At any point in time, up to 41 companies of talented actors, singers, and dancers can be occupying a Broadway stage. How are they chosen as the elite few to take a Broadway bow...? It's all in the hands of casting directors.

What is a casting director? Casting directors work closely with members of a production's creative team to help them find ideal candidates for each role. Typically, they will not make the final decision on who is hired, but they often play a vital role in holding auditions, finding talent, and providing an array of options for key members of a show's production team.

While casting directors work in all forms of media, including film, television, and commercials, a handful of offices dominate the Broadway scene. We're reviewing the key players below!


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