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College Audition
Boot Camp

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Present your best self in College Conservatory Auditions

and maximize your acceptance potential!

The College Audition Boot Camp is designed to provide performing arts students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to successfully audition for admission into prestigious college conservatory programs. This intensive course focuses on developing the students' artistic abilities, confidence, and professionalism, equipping them with the tools needed to excel in highly competitive audition settings.


Throughout the course, students will delve into various aspects of the audition process; including recommendations for school selection, repertoire choices, vocal technique, acting skills, interview preparation and so much more. They will receive personalized guidance and instruction from experienced faculty members who have extensive backgrounds in both the professional performing arts industry AND the college audition process.


By the end of the workshop, students will have developed a comprehensive audition portfolio that showcases their artistic abilities AND walk away with video submission reels of their auditions for programs where digital submissions are accepted. They will possess the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to present their best selves in college conservatory auditions and maximize their chances of acceptance into their desired programs.


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Jeremy's workshop is EXCELLENT - he pushes you to places you didn't think possible, while making you feel comfortable.


The class focuses on ALL aspects of auditioning with a wide variety of techniques. 

This workshop ROCKS! Everyone should take it.

~ Lexie F.

What I love about this audition workshop is that we learn how to get rid of bad auditioning habits and replace them with good performances.

Jeremy showed us how to use what we have inside and what we are capable of by gently guiding as a teacher and coach.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone.

~ Colleen M.

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Over the past three decades, I'm grateful and very fortunate to have students accepted to and attend (among many others):


Julliard • Yale • NYU • University of Michigan • University of Cincinnati (CCM) • UCLA 

Emerson College • Ithaca College • Rider University • Pace University • Syracuse University

Several of my students have also appeared in the following Broadway productions (partial list):

While others have appeared on screen in (partial list):

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