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Rodney Ingram as ‘ALADDIN’ in Mexico

Phil Cutrone & Rodney Ingram

Could not be more ‘proud of my boy’ Rodney Ingram who is now STARRING as ‘Aladdin’ in the Mexico production of Disney’s ALADDIN. Rodney starred as ‘Prince Eric’ in my production of Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID at White Plains Performing Arts Center in 2014.

Little story…Rodney had a callback for the Broadway production of ALADDIN during our tech week for ‘MERMAID’ and he asked if he could miss part of tech rehearsal to go to his callback. Clearly, missing part of tech…as a principal is a “NO, NO!” but there’s no way I could stop an actor from attending a Broadway callback, so I gave him special permission, but only if he listed me in his bio if he got it.

Well, he got it…and here’s a copy of that bio:

Rodney's Bio

Rodney went on to star as ‘Raoul’ in the Broadway production of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and I just caught this news snippet about him. Have a look/listen – the performance of this song in Spanish is just magical. Keep up the good work Rodney…I will always be a big fan.

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