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Updated: Jul 29, 2023


LAST UPDATED: JULY 16, 2019 3:23 PM Looking for a killer monologue for your next audition or acting class? Backstage’s new monologue database, The Monologuer, provides you with quick access to hundreds of high-quality monologues.

With The Monologuer you can browse through individual monologues or find monologues conveniently grouped together by authors or productions.

And what makes The Monologuer really powerful is its search features: You can find the perfect monologue using a combination of useful filters, including age-range, gender, play title, author, genre, and theme.

Need to find a contemporary female comedy monologue about jealousy? A classical male dramatic monologue about love? A Shakespearean monologue for teens? No problem: Just choose the criteria you’re looking for, run the search, and find the right monologue for any occasion.

The Monologuer also provides you with a play synopsis and scene synopsis for every monologue, to give your performance context. And when you’re looking at a monologue, The Monologuer’s sidebar will automatically suggest related monologues—as well as suggesting thematically similar roles that are currently casting.

We’ll be adding lots of additional monologues to the database in the future. Visit to get started.

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