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IF YOU ONLY SEE ONE MUSICAL THIS SEASON, LET THIS BE THE ONE. Last month, White Plains Performing Arts Center Artistic Director, Jeremy Quinn, promised that his reimagining of Sondheim’s SWEENEY TODD, would be “new and exciting”. What Mr. Quinn didn’t tell us, was that it’s also bloody brilliant. All in all, the show was very well done, filled with moving performances – both small and large and is well worth seeing. With this cast and Mr. Quinn’s creative staging, this production reveals complexities in the text that I doubt have been explored before. Through the way Mr. Quinn weaves the story, we see the piece in new perspectives, allowing the cast to explore these characters beyond the page. The WPPAC production is not easy to watch, but you can’t take your eyes away.

Kathleen Mosel - OnStage New York


WHITE PLAINS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: SWEENEY TODD is a bold interpretation that moves the barber and pie shops into an insane asylum. The word ‘extraordinary’ can honestly be used to describe each and every cast member. Each actor showed us many facets of their talents, from their acting to their strong singing voices. Special praise goes to Director Jeremy Quinn who brought this brilliant concept to life. From beginning to end, Mr. Quinn’s vision added depth and originality to the show. He took a chance which worked very well. WPPAC’s production of SWEENEY TODD is unlike any you’ll see anywhere, anytime. You must see it!

Jim Petrillo - MORE SUGAR


ENGAGING PERFORMANCES OF A BEAUTIFUL SCORE. Entering the re-imagined staging of White Plains Performing Arts Center’s production of SWEENEY TODD, one is greeted with ear-piercing screams and a locked gate barring audience entry. During the pre-show, the cast interacts with the audience and each other, warning us to abandon all pre-conceived notions of other SWEENEY TODD’s. Stephen Sondheim’s score certainly didn’t need any reimagining, but using this asylum backdrop is an interesting choice. I was quite impressed with Jeremy Quinn’s vision of having the show set in an asylum. All in all, the show was very well done, filled with moving performances – both small and large and is well worth seeing. I applaud WPPAC for having the guts to bring something new to this show and I look forward to their other productions.

Kathryn Kitt -


SWEENEY TODD IS A CHILLING THRILL OF AN EVENING. A new vision of a modern classic, reimagined and directed by WPPAC Artistic Director Jeremy Quinn pushes the edge, as Quinn is known to do. Very well executed, it works whether you are familiar with the story or not. Each of the actors has developed just the right amount of tick and tremble to their movements, a certain cock of the head, a blankness to the stare, a shrill to the scream to put the audience right at the scene of the insanity taking place in an imaginary London. If you are looking for an eerie Halloween-style adventure, be sure to make this show one of your scheduled stops this month.



SWEENEY TODD – A RAZOR-SHARP PRODUCTION AT WPPAC The staging works. ‘Sweeney Todd’ is an ambitious musical to undertake. Kudos to White Plains Performing Arts Center for taking on the challenge.



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