Jeremy Quinn | Do Actors Need Websites? DUH! Yes.
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Do Actors Need Websites? DUH! Yes.

Do Actors Need Websites? DUH! Yes.

If nothing else, it’s a place where you can curate your accomplishments, be proud of your hard work, showcase who you are and make it easy for someone to CAST YOU!!! With all the user-friendly sites out there to make a website, there’s no excuse for not having one…if you want to be taken seriously. If you don’t have enough time (or patience) to do it yourself, check out

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COMING UP NEXTRegional Touring Production

I will be directing the regional touring company of THE VICTORY DOLLS, an all-female revue dedicated to the idea that when smart, talented women work together for the greater good, nothing can stop them. Through music and great storytelling, we seek to honor our brave and courageous Veterans, Military and First Responders across the country.